Looking to order a larger number of books? 

We offer a 20% discount to schools who wish to order a class set of books (25 copies or more), and a 25% discount for orders of over 100 books. Feel free to mix and match - 50 of one text and 50 of another would still qualify for a 25% discount!

There are three easy ways for you to order directly from us:

Direct from the website 

Use our shop and simply use the code school20 for orders of 25 books or more, or school25 for orders of 100 books or more, and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout. A receipt is automatically supplied after purchase to pass on to your finance department if required. 

Via invoice 

Email contact@thequotationbank.co.uk with the following details:

            1) School name, contact name and contact email address, as well as an email address to send the invoice to

            2) Name of text and number of texts required

            3) Delivery name and address

            The same discounts as above will still apply and will be automatically included. 

Via school purchase order 

If your school would like to order via a school purchase order, send it to contact@thequotationbank.co.uk. Any discount will automatically be applied. 

If you wish to discuss order requirements with us, feel free to contact us via email or via our contact form.