The Quotation Bank: AQA Power and Conflict GCSE Revision and Study Guide for English Literature 9-1

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Focusing on the core assessment objectives for GCSE English Literature 9-1, The Quotation Bank takes each poem from the AQA Power and Conflict cluster and provides detailed material covering interpretations, literary techniques and detailed analysis. Also included is a sample answer, detailed essay plans, revision activities and a comprehensive glossary of relevant literary terminology, all in a clear and practical format to enable effective revision and ultimate exam confidence.


  •        What examiners are looking for
  •     How The Quotation Bank can help you in your exams
  •        How to use The Quotation Bank
  •     The Poems - Analysis
  •         Major Themes and Characters
  •         How to revise effectively
  •         Sample essay, potential essay questions and revision activities
  •         Glossary